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USG Corporation and Lencore Acoustics Corp. have formed a strategic alliance to give architects and design professionals the ability to specify Lencore's state-of-the-art sound masking systems with all USG acoustical ceilings.

      Designed to reduce noise in both open and closed offices, Lencore sound masking systems offer and effective means of enhancing employee productivity, efficiency and morale.  They introduce an unobtrusive, ambient background sound into offices and other areas through special speakers installed above the ceiling panels.  The systems render speech unintelligible to those outside the vicinity while reducing interference from distracting sounds.  In addition, the sound level can be adjusted to suit a variety of conditions and privacy requirements.

       "This partnership leverages the strengths of two industry leaders, providing an exciting benefit in virtually any environment where ceiling systems are used," said Dan Jacobs, USG's director, business management, Ceiling Systems.  "With the addition of sound-masking qualities, our ceiling systems will continue to set the industry standard in providing unmatched performance on a variety of different levels."

       The increasing use of office workstations makes employees increasingly susceptible to distractions, including noise.  Lencore sound-masking systems, which work in tandem with USG's acoustical ceiling panels, are intended to appeal to architects, specifiers, and building owners seeking an effective and economical means of minimizing these distractions.

       "With this alliance, Lencore significantly increases its exposure to the architecture and design community on a global level, while USG inherits extensive experience in the sound-masking industry," said Jack Leonard, Lencore's president.  "Customers will benefit from innovative, customized solutions to sound masking without any compromise in sound quality."
       Superior to other types of centralized or flat-surface speakers, Lencore's sound-masking speakers are set above the ceiling panels to provide optimum customized masking.  The system has been installed successfully in a wide range of companies.

       Besides sound-masking products, Lencore Acoustics Corp. manufacturers custom acoustical wall and ceiling panels, tackboards, and baffles.  Headquartered in Merrick, N.Y., the privately held company developed the first UL-listed sound masking system.  To date, Lencore's principals have installed more than 100 million square feet of sound-masking products around the world.  The company's Web site is located at

       USG Corporation is a Fortune 500 company with subsidiaries that are market leaders in their key product groups: gypsum wallboard, joint compound and related gypsum products; cement board; gypsum fiber panels; ceiling tile and grid; and building products distribution.  For addittonal information, visit the USG Web site at